Letters to the Editor

Why can’t they agree?

In reply to “Which description do you agree with?” (letter, Feb. 18), I would say that is a simplistic, hateful, incorrect point of view. As any police officer would say, there is his story, her story and the truth.

Closer to the truth is neither liberals nor conservatives oppose change. Exception being a negative change to their pocketbook. Liberals being tolerant and broad-minded: Hardly, they oppose everything that conservatives say even when it’s obviously better than the status quo. Conservatives being opposed to change: Hardly, that’s all they have been trying to do in Congress since Donald Trump was elected president.

Corporations do have influence over both parties; look at their contributions. Neither party cares more for the poor or elderly but the parties disagree about solutions to problems. Corporate polluters file bankruptcy too often. Neither party agrees to this but does disagree with the suggestions of the other. Taxes are paid on a sliding scale; parties disagree on amounts.

Conservatives do not believe you should die if you can’t afford insurance. The health care system is under scrutiny but parties disagree with whatever the other suggests even if it is an improvement. They cannot agree on anything if the other gets credit.

Warren Perry