Letters to the Editor

Today’s alternate reality

Recently I watched a movie involving time travel and the characters were worried their actions might imperil the time continuum and create an alternate reality. We don’t have to worry about, as we live in an alternate reality, one created by those who have rejected God’s creation, design and plans for mankind, and replaced it with what is “wise in their own eyes.”

The social pathologies that ravage America today are a result of our present alternate reality — drug and alcohol abuse, rampant lying and deceit, abuse of women and children, moral and sexual anarchy, indiscriminate crime and violence, just to name a few.

Can anyone dispute this? Is there a cure?

Yes, traditional American values, the standards embraced by most Americans from the beginnings of our country throughout the majority of our history, including: a faith in God, prayer and the Bible, honor and respect for family, fundamental rights and responsibilities of parents, respect for the sanctity of human life and the moral dignity of each person, a diligent work ethic, absolute values of right and wrong, honesty in business practices, wholesomeness in leadership, thrift, respect for authority, moderation rather than excess, marriage as a prerequisite before having sex or bearing children, a family that has both a father and mother, taking responsibility to provide for our own, teaching children manners and morals; promoting honesty, unselfishness, generosity, compassion, kindness, discipline, hard work and responsibility.

Did I leave anything out? Let’s clean up our house!

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach