Letters to the Editor

Boaters, ever heard of no-wake zones?

It is obvious to me that many local boaters who navigate the waters of Fort Bayou are not familiar with the laws of Mississippi related to safe boating practices including obeying no-wake zones.

The short of it is anyone operating a vessel, including personal watercraft, is responsible and liable for any damage or inconvenience to any property and its owners and more importantly for any injuries that may occur as result of not adhering to the no-wake zone laws.

I personally have had to spend thousands of dollars to repair damaged vessels moored at my dock. There has also been some very close calls with potential for significant injury to members of my family while boarding and unboarding. Hint: Idle speed does not mean half-throttle.

I am installing surveillance capability to identify anyone who comes past my dock unlawfully and will file a report with the Marine Patrol. Any damage or injury will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I suggest you slow down and smile.

Felix Allen

Ocean Springs