Letters to the Editor

Why do Democrats oppose this fix?

There are 700,000 to 800,000 so-called “Dreamers” in our country, brought here as children by their parents, who came here illegally. They have lived here most of their lives — going to school, working and following the laws of our country.

So President Trump offered to give, not just those Dreamers, but up to 1.8 million here illegally a path to citizenship, in exchange for border security and other policies, similar to those of Canada and Australia, to the meet the needs of our country. Those needs might be doctors, engineers or farm workers. They would contribute to our economy when they entered the country in a legal status. The Democrats oppose this; they want legal status for the Dreamers.

President Reagan was duped into a similar situation years ago. He signed a bill giving amnesty to about 3 million illegal immigrants, with the promise that increased border security and sanctions against employers hiring illegal immigrants would prevent future problems. Well, the rest is history. The number of current illegal immigrants is probably at least five times the number that he gave amnesty. Democrats tell us how all of the illegal immigrants have been paying taxes for years. Really? If you pay state or federal taxes, you known they are paid using a Social Security number. You don’t get a Social Security number without some type of legal status.

We can protect the Dreamers and fix the problem, if the Democrats really want to.

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs