Letters to the Editor

An American tradition

After missing the Sun Herald for about a year, I was relieved to see that there are still folks submitting conspiracy theories, and telling their political opponents to leave America — from the pages of the Sound Off and in Letters to the Editor. “If you don’t like Trump, leave America,” they say.

Here’s why I think nobody should leave, or even stop fussing: Because if one political side or the other left the country, America would become a boring, and quite possibly dangerous, desert wasteland, devoid of political controversy. Shore to shore blah! Allow me to submit to you, that an outcome like that would be wholly un-American.

America has an old and rich tradition of political controversy, which includes scratching, biting and gouging eyes. Trump has brought ad hominem attacks to all new heights. He’s a veritable one-man art form of slander.

If you don’t like that description of him, I’ll remind you that Obama was not treated with kid gloves. Nor were Bush or Clinton before that. I’d like to thank Fox News for its contribution to this modern all-American narrative.

The morale of the story is that nobody should leave! There’d be nobody to sling mud at. Let’s keep this American tradition alive, and tear each other up at every opportunity.

It’s your turn ...

John Kunellis