Letters to the Editor

Unmask liberalism for what it truly is

We are now in year No. 2 of the Trump presidency and our country is doing quite well, despite what you might hear in the media.

We are also in year No. 2 of whining and complaining (and investigating) of election tampering — especially focused on Russia and Mr. Trump. The liberal-dominated media, along with the obedient left in this country, are still in shock over the election results of November 2016.

Well, the American people (thank God) had enough of the insanity and took their country back in the past presidential election, much to the surprise of the media-driven leftists of our land. Now, these liberal-types are quite determined, fanatical and destructive. They have been fuming for quite some time and will not rest until their “foolishness” can be returned to power. They have quite an arsenal of resources at their disposal — the mainstream media, the established governmental bureaucracy, and the many groups of “special interests” who understand which political party will cave to their unreasonable demands.

So, the liberal machine is churning and Americans must endure the endless complaining and investigating of these malcontents. The only hope of real change is that liberalism could be unmasked for its true identity — an agenda that will adopt any cause, not as its real champion but as a pawn in a pursuit of governmental power and corruption. Only then, will all of this madness stop.

David Braud

Long Beach