Letters to the Editor

Put an end to car insurance debacle

This car insurance debacle has lasted long enough. Insurance companies have been the ones benefiting from Mississippians who are on the road without insurance.

For those of us who have faithfully paid insurance premiums, the annoying part of our bill for “uninsured motorists” that we pay to protect ourselves from others without insurance, is one way. Also, if you don’t have insurance and you are in an accident and wreck your car — either alone, or with another who does not have insurance — guess what? The car insurance companies don’t have a “dog in that fight,” thus there’s no payouts for damages.

It’s time to put an end to this. A recent article suggested a law, which thankfully failed, to provide proof of insurance when you renew your car tag. Sounded like a good plan, but without a computer cross-checking system, who would know if insurance was canceled. You show that “golden ticket” (insurance card) along with your license when stopped and you are off the hook.

Another point in the article concerned vehicle profiling. Please. Rag tag cars are a danger on the road to that driver and others. The integrity of our state troopers is impacted when accusations and assumptions concerning incentives are thrown around. Stop it!

The only way we can have everyone accountable to having car insurance is through a computer program that could cross-reference your car, insurance and past violations.

It’s time for Mississippi to become a state that protects its drivers.

Liz Serpa