Letters to the Editor

Not in your best interest

The Mississippi Legislature just came up with a new education funding plan. It replaces the current Mississippi Adequate Education Program that assures fair and equal funding goals for all schools. Now the Legislature can decide who gets what and how much.

This was done solely by Republican vote and all Coast-area Republicans voted for it. The Mississippi Republicans are cutting taxes to the point where the state can’t provide essential services. They voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which took away the only source of health insurance for most of you, and kick your child off your insurance, which heretofore you couldn’t provide.

Your governor and the Republicans agree with President Donald Trump that it is OK to drill off our beautiful Gulf Coast. The list goes on.

Steven Palazzo, your Washington representative, refuses to meet you face to face. Yet you flock in droves to re-elect him.

You can always be counted on to make the decisions that run against your own best interest. As long as they run Republican and throw out the word “conservative.”

Ray Howze