Letters to the Editor

President Trump will fight for America

Many run for president to serve party rather than the nation. The mindset of Democrats and the mainstream media is too often unwilling to support bipartisan solutions. They resort to obstruction of good policies, disrespectful and slanderous insinuations against the president and the waste of millions of dollars on an investigation that has proved to be an attempt to hurt the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was elected because Washington has ignored issues and concerns that affect middle-class daily lives. They believe the president to be a smart, common-sense, successful businessman who will fight for policies that encourage free market capitalism, a strong national security and the traditional values that have been the moral backbone of this nation.

Wise and brave men left us a good framework for freedom, prosperity and justice. Generations have fought for it, and it is ours to defend and protect.

Patricia W. Wilkes