Letters to the Editor

Follow the law on immigration

My response to Congress and the dreamers who are afraid of being deported: The solution is simple. It may not be what anyone wants to hear but it is simple and it is lawful.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website list 10 steps to become a U.S. citizen. Step 1 is to determine if you are already a citizen. Step 2 is to determine if you are eligible. Step 3 is to complete the N-400 government form. Step 4 is to submit your completed N-400. Step 5 is to be present to be fingerprinted. Step 6 is to be interviewed and test. Step 7 is to receive a decision from USCIS to grant, continue or deny the rest of the process. Step 8 is the notification to take the Oath of Allegiance. Step 9 is to take the Oath of citizenship to the U.S. And Step 10 is to understand your responsibilities as a U.S. citizen.

For dreamers who are contributing members of our society, this is a reasonable, logical and legal path to citizenship that should not instill fear. It is a legal and logical process that millions of naturalized citizens have used to become U.S. citizens. I have a number of friends who have become naturalized citizens; the process works and they love this country for the opportunity. The opportunity is still there but you must follow the law. Why should the U.S. Congress ignore a lawful process that works just because 800,000 illegal immigrants refuse to follow our law and protest for amnesty?

Mark Jenner

Pass Christian