Letters to the Editor

Use BP money to help our waterways

The Gulf Coast is in a position to have its cake and eat it, too. New York City filed a lawsuit suing the major oil companies for present and future damages related to climate change. Oregon is also suing Monsanto for PCB pollution. However, an Iowa Supreme Court ruling prevented the Des Moines Water Works from receiving damages for high nitrate levels.

We should consider using the BP money to oversee and join forces with other organizations to track pollutants coming to our shoreline. Those mega farms dumping tons of fertilizers and weed killers into the water can pay us for damages and make monthly payments into the future (if it continues). We can use the proceeds to create new revenue streams without the pilfering of our sea life and stop contributing to our own pollution. We could explore new ways of no-till farming or other sources and techniques to help save our planet.

The tobacco industry was sued and lost, as well as the asbestos industry. We cannot continue on the same path, the dead zone is approaching our shoreline. The BP money combined with the largest nonprofit organizations that are fighting to save our water just might produce some results. Mississippi could lead the way to change the world.

The alternative is to build an aquarium, ballpark or a circus while our waterways deteriorate. Our marine ecosystems are devastated from overfishing and pollution. If the water gets any dirtier we won’t have any tourists.

William Linville