Letters to the Editor

What does the future hold for Diamondhead?

When the Diamondhead Property Owners Association was created, some of its responsibilities were to maintain the amenities, enforce covenant restrictions and other related tasks. The first of the covenants expire in June 2020. Not all have expiration dates, but most will expire. Typical covenant renewal takes about 85 percent of the affected property owners’ approval, which is almost an impossibility to attain.

Now that a city government has been established and ordinances are in place, the usefulness of the association is questionable and is an expense that can be eliminated.

It would make sense to begin the process of transferring, selling or donating the amenities to an entity that could operate them in a more appropriate, equitable and efficient manner. Amenities such as the playgrounds, ballfields, tennis courts and green spaces are normally a function for a city to maintain. The airport could be part of the county and serve as a reliever airport for Stennis, which would entitle it to government grants. Golf and the country club, which have been subsidized by members dues for years, could be reformed into a social entity or some type of self-supporting recreational district. Change is coming and hopefully for the betterment of Diamondhead.

Mario Feola, former Diamondhead Property Owners Association president