Letters to the Editor

Living the dream

Recently, President Donald Trump suggested that we admit immigrants from Norway rather than those from “s---hole” countries (Haiti, Nigeria, El Salvador, etc.). He and his supporters contend that this was not racist, implying that these countries are rife with corruption, poverty, drug cartels, terrorism, etc.

Let’s overlook for a moment that admitted refugees have an equivalent rate of college degrees as American citizens. Perspective is relative, and from the viewpoint of Norwegians, this country might qualify as being a “s---hole.” I am trying to imagine what kind of Norwegian would need to escape the horrors of universal health care, higher average standard of living, free higher education, and some of the best public education in the world.

To come to one of the only countries in the developed world with a high child poverty rate, some 38 percent of the overall population below the poverty line, and a limited for-profit health care system that many cannot afford. To come to a corrupt “democracy” here in the United States that represents the interests only of the top 10 percent — campaign donors, rather than the voters. To come to a country where the “drug cartels” advertise on TV and helped create the dependence on opioids and overpriced prescription drugs. To a country that has mass shootings almost weekly and never admits to its own terrorism.

I could only dream of living in a sustainable, equitable, advanced economy, like Norway’s.

Colin Landis

Ocean Springs