Letters to the Editor

Gautier, Saucier — I say, You say

I grew up in Biloxi many years ago. There were two small towns close by; one was named Gautier (pronounced Gochay) and the other Saucier (pronounced Sochay). That was the way it always was as far as I can tell.

I left the state to find employment and returned 40 years later. I was somewhat bemused that the names had changed to Goshay or worse Gosier, and Soshay or sometimes Socher. Sometimes I get criticized when I use the original pronunciation; others look at me like I am stupid (a possibility).

When I was in the Army, I met a captain from the swamps of South Carolina. The name on his fatigues was Gautier, so I called him Capt. Goshay. He got upset and said it was pronounced Ga-te-air!

So has there been some kind of official name pronunciation change, politically correct correction, or a foreign invasion? Just like to know.

Bill Curtis

Ocean Springs