Letters to the Editor

America is blessed

I am a practicing Catholic and I care, but the Pope needs to tell the people of other countries to stay in their own country and fight for their rights as Americans did with a lot of blood, sweat and tears hundreds of years ago and since.

We are America now and cannot continue to carry the world on its back any longer. We have done our share. We need to educate the people of all these countries to stand tall and fight. Stay and fight for their country. And some will die trying as we did. Americans have pampered them long enough so that they do not want to stand on their own two feet and fight for their freedom and rights as Americans have done. Our shoulders are too full, now, from doing our share.

Same as some parents need to do with their children. Some parents are not training their children to be strong and self-sufficient, to not expect to freeload off the government until death.

Donna A. Cox