Letters to the Editor

No victory for nursing home residents

After reading the article “Nursing home fines scaled back in victory for industry,” I stood in shock. Victory for the industry, what about the nursing home residents? This is not a victory for them. This is an atrocity.

Several years ago I had a courier business, and one of the jobs was delivering medicines to nursing homes, rehab centers and children’s training centers. We went all over the state with sealed totes filled with patient’s meds. Now, when I say all over the state, I mean from Ripley to Clarksdale, to Vicksburg to Quitman and to the Coast just to name a few places. I looked over my list of stops and I have personally been in over 60 different nursing, rehab, or children’s homes all over the state of Mississippi.

Now, that I have shared the fact that I have been in many nursing homes, I will tell you why this turn back is nothing more than an opportunity for homes to make more money and give patients less care. Many of these homes were neat, well kept, clean and inviting. They had friendly welcoming staff, that’s the good ones. Others, and there were plenty that were subpar with the distinct smell of urine smacking you in the face before you even entered the building, with residents languishing around in wheel chairs with no interaction. I’m afraid some destitute people arecommitted to some unbearable conditions.

So, here we go with an administration that feels that relaxing regulations in nursing homes is a good thing and let’s undo any standard that were put in place by the prior administration. Standards and parameters that have been in place so nursing homes are accountable and more importantly, to protect the people that live in these homes.

It is crystal clear to me that the almighty dollar is what is ruling our nation.

Liz Serpa