Letters to the Editor

They’re your children, Diamondhead

In the year-and-a-half that I have been driving a school bus in Diamondhead, I have been passed scores of times while loading or offloading your children. With red lights flashing and stop sign deployed, I have been passed on the right and on the left, on two-lane and on four-lane roads, in the same direction and in opposite direction, divided boulevard and undivided streets.

Because my primary focus has always been on the safety of the kids, I have seldom been able to get license plate numbers. When I have been able to do so, I have reported drivers, but have no idea what happens after that. I don’t know if anyone in Diamondhead has ever received any disciplinary measures for passing schools buses while loading or offloading.

I have spoken to other drivers with routes in Diamondhead and they all say that they, too, are consistently passed while loading or offloading students. Some, I’m afraid, don’t report any such incidences because they don’t know what happens.

I’m afraid that if conditions do not change, that eventually, tragedy will strike. Maybe, it will not be your child who is hurt. If you’re willing to take that chance and find the current conditions in which your children load or offload acceptable, no other actions are necessary on your part. They’re your children, Diamondhead.

Steven McNeal