Letters to the Editor

Give us the gift of taking down that flag

The Mississippi flag is symbolic of an ideology that was defeated and has been dead and buried for over a century.

In our houses of faith across Ocean Springs, we encourage one another to take on the character and characteristics of the eagle. This admonition is supported throughout Scripture. The eagle is used more than 30 times in Scripture, sometimes to describe the Father as a parent eagle caring for His children, but more often to give us a picture of ourselves to which we can relate.

The eagle soars high, lives above; it doesn’t live down in the mullygrubs like chickens. It has exceptional vision and extraordinary grasp. These are the attributes to which we are to aspire. We shouldn’t be digging up and feasting on dead things, like buzzards.

Likewise, we encourage our Ocean Springs leaders to be like the eagle, to soar high. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to one day say, “Gov. Dobson used to be our mayor,” or “Sen. So-and-So used to be one of our aldermen. They were great leaders, eagle leaders.”

We would be honored to support such leaders. But you must first pass the eagle test and take down that awful flag. It is the right thing to do. And while it doesn’t rise to the level of “laying down one’s life for one’s friend,” it ranks pretty high, and would be an awesome gift this holiday season, in honor of Christ’s birth.

Sandra Williams

Ocean Springs