Letters to the Editor

Offensive drivers rule on the Coast

All residents of Mississippi who have a valid driver’s license are aware of all the driving rules and laws.

The majority of drivers who live and drive on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are without question offensive drivers as opposed to defensive drivers. The difference in that an offensive driver takes the right-of-way instead of yielding and blatantly runs through stop signs and traffic lights with impunity. The turn signal lever is just there to get in the way.

There are a group of us, who are in the minority, who are careful, defensive drivers — stopping at stop signs, observing red lights and exercising good-sense defensive driving. The offensive driving habits are as much a part of our culture as seafood, fishing and more recently, casinos. Sadly, these offensive drivers are from all walks of life and all ages.

Members of law enforcement are as much a part of these driving habits as members of the civilian community. It is up to law enforcement to set the standard for driving habits on our Mississippi Gulf Coast. A very positive after-affect of enforcing the law and stopping all of these lawbreakers who run stop signs and traffic lights without recourse are that eventually our insurance rates will go down because of far less accidents and loss of life.

L. Lee Parmeter