Letters to the Editor

Open your eyes, Trump has the country improving

Jim Hood should be ashamed of himself for not wanting President Donald Trump to visit the Civil Rights Museum.

Trump is not a racist and is doing everything he can to bring this great country back to its greatness, unlike so many in Washington who are trying to keep us divided.

Both parties want to keep all common people down and by common I mean everyone i.e. black, white, brown and any color in between.

President Trump is about the common man and has seen how this country has fallen to the bottom, but there are those both white and black who want we the people to believe they are looking out for us, which is not the case.

Just look at what has happened under President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama in the last 12 years with jobs leaving our shores, going South and overseas. Trump is trying to get the unemployed, unskilled common worker the skills they need to get these good paying jobs.

I wish people would open their eyes and see how things are improving and what this president is doing for all classes of our people. If not for electing Trump we would be well on our way to a one world government. People need to wake up and get informed.

The middle class can't pay for everything. They can't afford the copay for health insurance and pay a penalty while others pay nothing.

Please read, look, observe, and learn. By the grace of our God we will recover as one people.

Dean Robinson