Letters to the Editor

Sexual orientation should be private

I just can’t make sense of last week’s article “Pros and Cons” of same sex wedding cakes.

I suppose the same principles apply to all cakes. Just what exactly are they putting on these cakes?

I’ve ordered cakes before; I usually go to my baker and ask for a cake that says: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Happy Valentine’s Day, etc. Maybe I should tell the baker that I want a special cake this year for our 25th Anniversary and I would like to celebrate our heterosexuality.

Maybe the baker can offer some advice as how to show my masculinity and my wife’s feminineness. I could bring some sketches for him to draw on the cake or better yet maybe we can order some of those plastic figures of the bride and groom.

If the baker is from the LBGT community he might be offended or grossed out by such an idea. If that be the case, I would understand and go somewhere else, to another baker.

If I had to force someone to bake my cake or fix me something to eat, I would be afraid to eat it because they might fix it like Minny’s chocolate pie for Ms Hilly with a “special” ingredient.

Hopefully we know the true meaning behind the cake. A Christian preacher with strong religious beliefs would be forced to marry same sex couples. There is no reason to promote sexual orientation. It should be private and left in the bedroom.

William Linville