Letters to the Editor

We need access to books outside of Mississippi

I recently needed to research a health issue. I visited my local library to find material for my research only to discover that my local library system didn’t have any books on the subject.

Once I would have been able to get an Inter Library Loan; a quick search reveals there are 160 print books on the subject that I would have had access to in the past. But a recent decision to cut funding for Inter Library Loans has ended that access.

I can now only get books that other Mississippi libraries have. For some reason Mississippi libraries all tend to get the same books.

The librarian was only able to find one book in our entire state on the subject. We need access to books outside our state. The Inter Library Loan service was a valuable resource for students and other residents of our state who need access to books on a wide variety of subjects.

Sandra Alawine

Ocean Springs