Letters to the Editor

Spend according to needs, not wants

An article in the Dec. 3 paper stated the national debt is over $20 trillion. Some say a tax cut will reduce the debt by bringing more tax dollars into the Treasury while others claim it will increase the debt.

Here’s a suggestion to our elected officials: While there are many ways to spend our nation into oblivion, why not practice what was taught to many of us years ago? Decide what is needed rather than wanted and spend accordingly. Government has an insatiable appetite and it will spend as much as it is allowed and simply increase taxes or borrow money. But that reckless spending must end.

The simple solution is to cut spending. It is up to the elected officials to decide what to cut, although many of us can offer suggestions starting with foreign aid, special interest grants, retirement programs for elected officials and hundreds more that you might suggest. Remember, needs versus wants!

Mario Feola