Letters to the Editor

Way to go, West Harrison band students

When West Harrison High School was notified that its marching band was invited to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, there were two goals: to practice and to raise the money themselves for the trip, lodgings, food and attractions.

They spent many hours practicing, even in the summer months under the hot sun. They raised the money, asking neighbors, friends and relatives for chores to do to earn the money.

The band made us proud on television. And as a bonus, the band received praise from Michael Giacchino, the composer of the Star Trek “Enterprising Young Men.” He responded, “And they did a GREAT job!!” to tweet that said: “The West Harrison High School Band from Gulfport MS was playing the @StartTrekMovie theme song at the @MacyThanksgiving Day Parade. That was EPIC.”

But, that is not all. The band stopped by a rest stop for a meal and this is what the waitresses had to say about our youth, according to a parent’s post on Facebook: “3 of the cashiers at our rest stop last night told me that our children made their night. The amount of respect and the manners they used gave them faith in our youth. They said they don’t even receive that amount of respect from the adults they interact with daily and our kids were a breath of fresh air. They all agreed they loved the Southern hospitality from our group and wanted it passed along.”

Michael Switzer