Letters to the Editor

We have fallen

There was once a place where peace and contentment spread over the land like a warm, comfortable blanket. Then dissension, almost imperceptible, unnoticed, crept in and began to erode the fabric of society. It grew into a crescendo of stifling fog until it touched the facet of human activity.

Once contented homes became places in which to argue. Neighbors became focused on themselves to the exclusion of others. Private property rights were tossed aside. Public officials, who were trusted and respected, became targets of ridicule and mistrust. Angry words that were excised from the vocabulary became commonplace.

Governments served themselves and special interests, not the people. Families, who were united in purpose, now go their separate ways. Peaceful compromise has been replaced with violence. Opinions once valued are now ridiculed.

One may ask, “Where is this land that has fallen so low from such a lofty height?” It can be found on any map of the globe, because the problem is universal. What has caused this condition? Many theories, none satisfactory, have been proposed. Perhaps the cause is the neglect of genuine love for God and for neighbor.

Can what was lost be regained? Perhaps, but only if we try.

V. Afton Anderson