Letters to the Editor

Why fly the Magnolia Flag?

Why is Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes getting into the state flag controversy? If he objects to the design of the current flag because of its Confederate symbol, why is he flying the Magnolia Flag? The Magnolia Flag was the state flag during the time that Mississippi was part of the Confederacy.

Like the canton of the current flag, the Magnolia Flag, in various forms, also served as a Confederate regimental battle flag.

Personally, I don’t care how many flags the mayor wants to fly, but there are 50 state flags in the United States of America. There are people who can find something objectionable about every one of them. There are always protesters about something, but other citizens have rights, too. It appears to me that the current state flag is every bit as much a target of hate as it is a symbol of hate.

Horace Covington