Letters to the Editor

Men are harassed by women bosses, too

I am surprised that men are not equally accusing females of sexual harassment in the workplace. Men are harassed from their superior female bosses and from their subordinates.

My career involved responsibilities for hundreds of employees. I’ve investigated women reporting men for harassing them by asking for dates, hugging and some sexually crude remarks. But maybe men should start exposing the women who damaged their (my) career. Should I call them out after 30 years? Maybe I should make everyone aware of what happened, tell her husband and grandchildren.

Men are constantly challenged by women subordinates with a motive. It starts by telling you your tie looks great on you, and then escalates to the bedroom. Once you have committed the unthinkable you are now blackmailed for a promotion, a raise, and the end is never near. But that is not the story she will tell. I never wanted or had a quid pro quo relationship. I’m sure some men find the temptations too overbearing.

After 45 years of working, I have been a victim of women preying on me because I am a man. I am not sure if these publicized actions against men are not any worse than the unpublicized acts that women have placed on men. No offense intended to those who have been abused, but so was I and I’m not crying about it, I just keep doing my best knowing there will be another boss one day, if not here, then somewhere else.

William Linville