Letters to the Editor

Some thoughts on Palazzo and tax reform

According to Rep. Steven Palazzo in his Nov. 5 column in the Sun Herald, he wants his constituents to “look at the Republican tax reform plan and share your thoughts as well.”

Palazzo must not be too interested in folks sharing their thoughts on this or any other issue given he avoids every opportunity to meet with constituents in a forum that doesn’t guarantee a safe and criticism-free environment. He touts his visits and tours throughout District 4 but never mentions any event for his constituents to engage in the kinds of grassroots feedback that was common prior to Republicans taking control of Congress.

In February, he publicly asserted he’d meet with any constituent, that all they needed to do was call his office and make an appointment.

I have called his offices, both in Gulfport and in Washington, repeatedly requesting such an opportunity to meet with him. I have yet to receive a single call back from any of his staff. And I doubt I ever will.

Should I ever get the chance, I’d really like him to explain why a certified public accountant, someone whose family’s very income relies on a complicated tax code, supports “tax reform.”

Bo Alawine

Ocean Springs