Letters to the Editor

Storm drains get needed attention

I took a walk Oct. 19 and was horrified to see that every storm drain was completely clogged with flotsam from the rain deluge of Oct. 15. The weekend before, Hurricane Nate had left broken tree limbs, pine needles, leaves and twigs, and now they were clogging every storm drain.

On Thursday the 19th, I was thrilled to see Willie Edwards, a stately gentleman running the city of Pascagoula’s trackhoe with graceful ballet precision, cleaning every storm drain. The other team members working with him demonstrated excellent teamwork. Every Pascagoula citizen should personally thank Mr. Edwards, our wonderful public works employee. If every city employee worked as efficiently as Mr. Edwards, we would be living in paradise.

I pray that all citizens realize that if they have a storm drain, they need to keep it free of debris. A flooded home is a nightmare.

We all have a monthly surcharge on our Pascagoula utility bill of $4.86. This pays the bonded indebtedness for drainage improvements. These improvements will not solve our drainage problems if our storm drains are not cleaned by homeowners. It is also wise for us to sweep our curbs because that debris will enter storm drains during rains. Let us all help and improve our city. Keep your storm drain clean.

Twila S. Ford