Letters to the Editor

Watch your bank, credit cards closely

Recently, I used my bank card to purchase cemetery tour tickets for an outing in New Orleans. Two weeks later, my card was being used at a Home Suites in Redondo Beach, California. Since I have tight controls on my card when I saw the alert at 11:30 p.m., I immediately closed the card.

Since the closing of the card it was attempted to be used eight more times. I see alerts because it was a bank card, not a credit card and it was used two months later at a shoe store and the final blow was it was sold to someone in Houston nearly three months later. I suspect there will be more attempts with this bank card.

But the story continues. I bought tour tickets with my new credit card online for yet another tour in New Orleans. I have alerts set up to send emails anytime it’s used. Guess what? Someone, a week later in the Los Angeles area was eating Taco Bell at my card’s expense.

This is what I learned about the software companies who operate these two venues. One: Both are located a stone’s through from each other in San Francisco. Two: Both deal with small business in New Orleans. And three: Both of my cards were compromised in Los Angeles.

So what can the moral of this story be? Use PayPal, and have tight alerts on all your business.

Liz Serpa