Letters to the Editor

Professional athletes have power, money to do more

If just half of the professional athletes gave 10 percent of one year’s salary, they could probably build a few hundred schools. Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt wrote a check for $100,000 and hoped to get it matched to help Houston hurricane victims, and he ended up with over $37 million.

If 100 famous wealthy professional athletes scheduled a meeting with any major city to discuss policies they felt were racist, I think they could make some significant changes. Or, they could just take a knee when our flag is being raised and the anthem played, infuriating millions of veterans and patriots.

Jim Brown, maybe the greatest NFL running back of all time, had some harsh words for the kneelers. He spends a lot of time and money working with young kids in inner cities. I guess he could save himself a lot of time and money, if he just took a knee once a week.

There are more effective ways to make changes when you have a major voice, but they take more than two minutes a week. Having said all that, I do know there are many professional athletes who spend a lot of time and money working with kids, charities and and other very worthy endeavors.

Paul Stultz

Ocean Springs