Letters to the Editor

Biloxi School Board should be better ‘educated’

“Educated beyond their intelligence.” This is the phrase that Jerry Clower used to describe educated people who had lost basic common sense and reason. It certainly fits the Biloxi School Board. “To Kill A Mockingbird” — offensive? Racist? Please. What “other” materials teach the lessons of fairness and equality better, board Vice President Kenny Holloway? What other book deals with such terrible things in such a deep and moving way, Superintendent Arthur McMillan?

Mississippi is a state rich in racism and suppressed thought. And thanks to those running the Biloxi School Board, once again thought is being suppressed, and under the guise of “people are offended,” thought has been further suppressed.

Hey Biloxi School Board, if the word “school” becomes offensive, what will you call it — “Learning Center”? If the name “Biloxi School Board” becomes offensive, will you call it “The Politburo”? Slippery slopes, Mr. Holloway. Slouching toward “Thought Police,” Mr. McMillian.

What a shame for a book to be pulled because of an offensive word. Thank you, Biloxi School Board, you’ve gotten us some wonderful press, and at the same time you’ve shown the world just how goofy and ridiculous “educated” people can be.

Good luck Biloxi school kids, you’ll need it.

Steve Johnson