Letters to the Editor

To see the face of evil, just look

The nonstop commenting on the motive for the shooting in Las Vegas proved the John A. Citizen really does not have a clue on the reality of evil.

We have removed the word “sin” from our lexicon. We have evolved into into an anything goes society. If you look, you can clearly see the face of evil. Evil does not require a motive to act.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, climbed on his pulpit and excoriated the Conservative members and accused them of being complicit in the deaths of the 59 who were killed and accused them of being the facilitator with the National Rifle Association in these deaths. At no time during their rants did Schumer or Hillary Clinton ever comment on the slaughter of thousands of babies in the womb by Planned Parenthood. He claimed that these 59 souls were crying out from heaven to act on gun control legislation. What about all of the souls of these slain babies crying out for legislation against Planned Parenthood?

It is very easy to see the face of evil if we just take the opportunity to look.

Stuart Beardslee