Letters to the Editor

We sure do enjoy the Cruisers

What is it about the Cruisers? Why do we like them so? Just like Christmas, we love to see them come and hate to see them go.

Cruisin’ The Coast always gives us pleasure. Trips back in time to places we thought we had forgotten. We sit and talk and look.

Just like Christmas, with every turn of the head, there is a present. Presents dressed up in bright, pretty colors, carefully put together with artisan’s hands. All we have to do is enjoy. And just like Christmas, there is a spirit that comes with them. A spirit of unselfish giving, of joy, of kindness. Ah, kindness. You are so needed today.

It is a time to relax, enjoy the calm and let our minds travel back to our past and feast our eyes. How can we repay them? Just like Christmas, there is no way. They bring so much. But through kindness, hospitality, appreciation and smiles, maybe we can let them know we are glad they came. Maybe they will be glad, too.

Ollie Sullivan