Letters to the Editor

When will we have enough of mass shootings?

I am so sick in my heart for the poor souls in Las Vegas, and now their families are hearing some fools in Washington debate on allowing silencers to be sold legally for use on guns. Silencers! Imagine the carnage if that psycho had used a silencer.

I hoped that man standing behind me in line at the Pass Christian Walmart recently, with a gun on his hip, was mentally stable. It is his right to bring a holstered gun into that always crowded store because Mississippi is an “open carry” state. Also, that Walmart does not post a “feel safer” No Weapons Allowed sign. Who could enforce it anyway? So, all of us in the store with him are vulnerable should he be psychotic and act out on whatever it is that sets him off. If another customer is carrying a gun as well and would try to defend against him (that’s an argument for open-carry laws), vulnerable people would be in the crossfire.

If the mass shootings in theaters, clubs, churches, university campuses and open-air entertainment venues, parades, sporting events, residential neighborhoods, and the murdering of small children in their classrooms isn’t enough to prioritize and change the laws to protect the public, not just the gun owners, then dare I ask, “What is enough?”

Gale Singley Laird

Pass Christian