Letters to the Editor

Mississippi 67 needs regular grooming

I live near Mississippi 67 and every day I see this “abandoned” highway, and I use that word liberally because this stretch of road looks exactly like it’s abandoned.

Cruisin’ The Coast is one of our largest attractions. Cars from all over visit Mississippi, some maybe for the first time. Highway 67 is a main thoroughfare from U.S. 49 to U.S. 90 Biloxi/Ocean Springs area and every year the weeds are waist high or higher.

To add salt to this wound every year shortly after the Cruisers leave the Coast, MDOT shows up and mows the weeds, of course leaving piles of weeds everywhere and trash.

This is what galls me: If MDOT is on some kind of schedule, they need to change it so they are mowing by the end of September and not the middle of October.

With the end of summer waning, so are the weeds. So MDOT please tell me how two weeks will make a difference? Justify it once and for all.

Another important thought: In addition to St. Patrick’s High School and William Carey University, we have a huge medical complex coming soon to our area on 67, bringing jobs and new opportunities, not to mention distinguished out-of-state guests. Are we still going to leave Highway 67 looking so shabby? This is our new frontier of development and we want businesses to be impressed, not unimpressed.

Oh, and hats off to D’Iberville because its stretch of 67 is always groomed.

Liz Serpa