Letters to the Editor

Be wary of the devil in all of us

Words can be powerful and when delivered well can sway decent people to behave badly. Prior to WWII the German people were not that different from much of the world. Times were tough and some were suffering but most still were governed by decency and fairness. Then a gifted speaker arrived who was able to reach into the dark spot of their hearts and bring out their worst.

All of us are susceptible to influence from those gifted with words. The dark spot in the hearts of far too many decent, fair-minded Americans is being stimulated by hateful rhetoric. Divisiveness is being encouraged instead of the equality and respect for all that has made our country so strong since being founded on these principles. Turning one group of Americans against another group of Americans serves no purpose other than to weaken us and delight our enemies. Those sowing divisiveness need to keep in mind when our country is threatened it is Americans of all colors and religious beliefs that fight to protect it. Our nation’s soul is weakened by such divisiveness. A carpenter once said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

Our strength as a nation comes from our unity so we need be wary of those seeking to foster hatred and divisiveness for personal gain by stimulating the dark spot we all have in our hearts.

Harold Dawley