Letters to the Editor

Where and when will the flag debate end?

Is there a movement starting to replace the American flag and put it in museums because it now reminds its offenders of police brutality and racial injustice?

Or am I wrong, like Ray Lewis saying he wasn’t kneeling to protest, rather he was kneeling to “pray” with the Baltimore Ravens? (Who decides why he kneeled?)

And now there is a petition in Baltimore to remove his statue outside the stadium. Has his stance (or kneeling) diminished the accolades he received when he was playing for the NFL?

From the view of the other side, I hear that the American flag represents those who gave the “supreme sacrifice” for their country as well as those who have served and are presently serving for the American flag.

Then there are those who say the Confederate flag represents slavery and should be placed in museums. What about the fleur-de-lis? Even further, there are those who say the Confederate flag represents those heroes who died for their flag. Which is it?

Don’t kill the messenger but listen to the message: Steven Seagal said the USA (United States of Amnesia, emphasis mine) is destroying itself by the enemies from within. Isn’t it time we pull together as Americans rather than hyphenated Americans?

Where and when does it all stop? Or is there merit in what Seagal says?

William Byrd

Long Beach