Letters to the Editor

After all these years, Diamondhead flies flag

I am not sure how long Diamondhead has been here, but I moved here in 1989. I have always been impressed with how friendly and welcoming the community has been.

Diamondhead has a back entrance, and we now have a very nice sign that shows where Diamondhead begins. Next to the sign is a flagpole. On the flagpole is a flag that displays the Confederate battle emblem. According to the Sun Herald article on Sept. 27, Mississippi is the last state flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem and all of the state’s universities have stopped using it.

Why would Diamondhead officials, after all these years, decide now, to display this symbol, which was used by those willing to fight a war in order to retain their right to buy, enslave, and sell human beings?

Molly Kooney