Letters to the Editor

Stand up. Stand tall.

Sixty years ago I joined the Marine Corps, agreeing to lay down my life for my country. In the last 241 years, thousands upon thousands of men and women have died, been maimed or disabled to allow the rest of us to live in this great country. Our national anthem is a tribute to them and those who are serving and have served.

Without their service and sacrifice, we would not live in a country that pays professional athletes hundreds and even thousands of times more than it pays a Marine Corps private serving in a combat zone. When our national anthem is disrespected or used as a tool of protest, no matter how valid the cause, they are telling our national heroes that they served or died for nothing. A cowardly knife in their back.

For myself, as much as I love football, I am boycotting the NFL until they quit demeaning this great country and the men and women who were not cowards but stood up for our freedom.

Virgil G. Gillespie