Letters to the Editor

Imagine litter-free Mississippi roads

While on a recent trip out West traveling through Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico there was definitely something missing. And just what was missing? I’ll tell you. Not a scrap of litter, not even a gum wrapper could be found on the sides of the road. It was absolutely amazing to me. This respect for the environment puts Mississippi to shame. A vigorous recycling program was quite noticeable wherever we went.

We traveled through four national parks and drove 1,400 total miles and I am still thinking about how beautiful this country really is. Mississippi is beautiful too, sans the litter.

I was not only stunned by the beauty and how clean the roads were, but another road feature caught my eye and is something I’d like to see happen on many roads in Mississippi.

When traveling along a two-way highway they used the grid, or rumble strip all along the center yellow line. While this same strip in Mississippi alerts you when you veer off the side of the road, the grid, rumble strip on the yellow line down the center will warn you when you wander into oncoming traffic. What a wonderful way to help prevent head-on collisions. All over Mississippi there are many two-way traffic roads that are usually dark and have low visibility. What a way to wake up and alert drunk drivers and sleepy drivers. Let’s get the grid on!

Liz Serpa