Letters to the Editor

Stop supporting the NFL and NBA

Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you say.

It is not President Donald Trump’s words that are divisive; it’s the actions of the NFL and NBA that are divisive.

As for the owners of the teams locking arms with the players, it’s all about money.

Both the national anthem and the flag should be removed from pro-sports that they might no longer be desecrated. I’m a veteran who agrees with President Trump.

I blame the fans for supporting this national pastime that is played on the Sabbath. College ball is so much better. Let colleges, not the NFL and NBA, make the money given to pro-sports. The cost of college tuition could become affordable once again, and college professors could get a reasonable increase in salary. College games are played on Saturdays, not the Sabbath.

Give college ball players a scholarship, nothing more, and let the universities keep the money from ticket sales.

Without the NFL and NBA, colleges would thrive like never before. Let’s get our priorities in order. Stop supporting old men playing sports when they should be working for a living.

John C. Mozingo Jr.