Letters to the Editor

License plates should have clear designs

For years, I have felt the emblem or design in the center of license plates should be discontinued. The purpose of a license plate is for identification and not decoration or in the case of a specialized/vanity plate, to be a possible ego booster. If you want to brag about your college or sports team or occupation, put it on the front bumper or in the rear window.

With a seventh character being added to plates, the emblem would have to be smaller and the current ones are difficult enough to discern if you are more than 3 feet away. Ask anyone working in a law enforcement dispatch center how many extra steps are needed to properly identify a vehicle that has a specialized plate for a college, etc. Residents of this state see enough plates to be familiar with the designs; however, someone from out of state may have a hard time identifying the tag for police.

One of my daughters supervises a law enforcement dispatch center and has told me of some of the difficulties and delays caused by specialty plates. Imagine a kidnapping when every second counts in saving the child but special plates cause delays.

Also, it is time for the Legislature to have the courage and integrity to stop frivolous spending by changing plates every few years. Changing the plates does not accomplish anything other than appeasing a few voters. And look at the waste of a lot plates going to landfills.

Jim Towler