Letters to the Editor

Mississippi Power helps drive economic development in Jackson County

The Jackson County Economic Development Foundation submitted this letter to the Mississippi Public Service Commission on the matter of the Kemper County Energy Facility settlement process.

As Mississippi’s most industrialized community, Jackson County has a long and storied history of sustainable economic development. Our success is predicated on an understanding of the modern economic development process that has become increasingly competitive. This process requires the involvement of many parties — none more important than Mississippi Power Company.

Mississippi Power’s influence over successful economic development outcomes cannot be overstated. The most obvious influence pertains to the company’s ability to provide reliable electric service, at competitive rates, to a broad range of companies. Its broader influence is as that of a committed partner, eager to help local economic development organizations succeed in attracting private investment and job creation. In Jackson County, its ability to adopt aggressive marketing campaigns, staff their team with the brightest talent, proactively invest in product development and incentivize projects have made Mississippi Power an indispensable component of economic development.

As the PSC contemplates Kemper County Energy Facility settlement scenarios, we encourage you to consider the consequences of any set of circumstances that would diminish Mississippi Power’s ability to fully engage in and influence successful economic development in Mississippi. Any settlement scenario that diminishes that role will inevitably impede our ability to attract and sustain investment and job growth.

George Freeland Jr., executive director, and Jerry St. Pe’, chairman

Jackson County Economic Development Foundation