Letters to the Editor

Deer Island should be preserved

One of the wonderful things about living here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is that we have access to amazing natural beauty. It inspires us, provides recreation and calms us.

Deer Island is one such amazing place. With a short kayak or paddle board ride, we can step off and have a sense that we are not surrounded by hotels and restaurants. Unlike the barrier islands that are only accessible to those with a seagoing boat or a ferry ticket, Deer Island is a Coastal Preserve that is easy to reach. A place where we regular folks can get the sense that the busy world is not pressing in on us. A desert isle a stone’s throw away.

That may be about to change. On Sept. 5, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources held a public hearing on a plan to allow up to 85 acres, most of it commercial, off the south side of Deer Island, for a oyster aquaculture project. Thousands of pilings and multiple thousands of PVC pipes will stand in the viewscape.

I was surprised to hear of it. After all, it is our island.

Melissa Johnson

Ocean Springs