Letters to the Editor

Farming algae is the future for our planet

Thanks for the continuing dialogue about the menhaden reduction industry and Omega Proteins purse seiners. I have an intelligent solution that is working in many places, and seems to me to be the future of farming for a planet of 7 billion-plus people. As we evolve so should our methods of caring for the resources at our disposal.

We need the menhaden to do their duty and be eaten by bigger fish. That way we have a decent supply of quality fish to eat and ship around the country. That way we open our state up to more green industry. So how do we do this and make everyone happy or a little dissatisfied? There is a way.

Farming algae is the future for this planet. There are numerous companies that are successfully farming algae. The same algae the menhaden eat is farmed for fuel, fertilizer and feed, the same products that are produced from menhaden. The big difference is, it is a green industry. The algae take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They consume wastewater from cities and clean it up while making the three things we get from the menhaden. This is the future of our world, where green industries replace antiquated destructive industries. So on a very positive note there is a win-win situation if we can continue the dialogue and hopefully and successfully bring Omega Protein into the conservation to improve our quality of life for all on the Coast.

Garth Walker

Ocean Springs