Letters to the Editor

Mississippi Power’s support helps United Way help others

United Way has been a charitable organization in Mississippi for over 50 years, working primarily with businesses and employees to raise money to address critical issues we read about in the newspaper every day.

Five local United Ways in South Mississippi rely heavily on the generosity of Mississippi Power and its employees for support. Mississippi Power has been the largest monetary contributor to our United Way for over 25 years and have provided volunteer and technical support for many of our community initiatives.

In just the past 10 years, Mississippi Power has contributed nearly $4.5 million for their charitable causes. More than 75 percent of that is from employee contributions. The rest comes from the Mississippi Power Foundation.

Without their support, our United Way couldn’t help as many local agencies and causes as we are able to do now with their charitable giving.

I want people to know how much good Mississippi Power contributes to the community. It’s not just money. It’s volunteering, taking leadership positions, encouraging charitable giving and supporting the United Way.

I’m writing in support of Mississippi Power’s settlement agreement currently in front of the Mississippi Public Service Commission. If Mississippi Power loses its financial stability, the whole community will deeply feel the loss of its support.

Hopefully, the PSC will approve the fair settlement agreement that was proposed so Mississippi Power can continue contributing to our communities in the positive way it does now.

Aletha Burge, interim CEO United Way of South Mississippi