Letters to the Editor

Embrace America

As a 60-year-old white male whose roots emanate from the Deep South, I shed a tear of hope for our country I so dearly love. I just watched “America’s Got Talent” and witnessed an Air Force a cappella group sing as one. I felt the young white man’s embrace of another whose skin tone was other than white, as their tears of accomplishment mutually flowed. I salute them! Lives harmonized on the stage of life before millions of fellow Americans. We as a nation need to follow by example and similarly harmonize as one.

As a young white male in the 1980s I was embraced and subsequently elected president of my Howard University Law School freshman class. Roughly five years ago while earning a master’s from Bergin University of Canine Studies I took my service dog into Cuba and was embraced by communists as they featured us on live television and radio. I am but one of millions of Americans who see the reality of love and acceptance rather than evil and rejection.

One bad apple may spoil a bunch but I see future American, bountiful harvests. Overly abundant crops of love will surely supplant the agent orange of yesteryear if we simply concentrate on building our tomorrow rather than tearing down our past. We can displace the slums of yesterday with future shrines of harmony.

Perhaps we should all get a dog and join the Air Force.

Davis Hawn and deceased service dog, Booster