Letters to the Editor

A quick, fair resolution to Kemper project is in order

Mississippi Power has more than a 90-year legacy of doing what is in the best interest of this community and the customers we serve. It is the reason I am proud to serve on the company’s board. Whether it is responding in a storm, or installing service to a new business, Mississippi Power has reliably served Southeast Mississippi.

I have witnessed the company manage through the many challenges of the Kemper project. When the plant was first approved, this was the best choice for the future supply of electricity based on long-term fuel forecasts. Today, even though many things for the project have changed, I am proud of the company’s effort to deliver 21st century technology to Mississippi. Where would we be today if good companies did not invest in modernizing their resources?

Currently, Mississippi Power is in discussions with the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff and other parties to bring resolution to the Kemper project. The company is asking for no rate increase. Mississippi Power and Southern Company have paid more than $6 billion in costs for Kemper that our customers will never pay. Additionally, thousands of workers and hundreds of Mississippi companies have been involved in building Kemper, which has been one of Mississippi’s largest economic projects. These are the facts that seem to get lost.

My hope is that our state’s regulators move quickly to resolve the issues surrounding Kemper in a fair manner for the company and its customers so we may all move forward.

Christy Pickering