Letters to the Editor

We need to avoid worst-case scenario on health care

State insurance commissioners met recently, and the subject that dominated the meeting was, what will they (all) do if President Donald Trump refuses to pay the subsidy to insurers as required by the Affordable Care Act. He is threatening to do just that.

At the very least, nonpayment will cause premiums to skyrocket in 2018. Surely, more and more insurers will pull out of states, first and foremost the poorest states, but all states will suffer. Worst of all, the failure to pay may likely cause some insurers to go belly-up.

If these things come to pass, the health care industry will be roiled with failures and turmoil. Health care in this country could break down almost entirely, and at the very least, health care will be available to only the richest Americans. The uncertainty alone is already causing turmoil.

Is this what you voters want? If Trump makes good on his threat to stop these payments, that is what you’re going to get. It’s time for voters to rethink their political positions. Something has got to give on health care or the worst-case scenario could very well come true very soon.

John Kunellis